I’m The Great Procrastinator

Nobody procrastinates as much as I do. I think.

I really planned to start studying today for the CPA board exams but after three consecutive days of attending celebrations, I just wanted to do nothing today. I’m quite successful at that. LOL.

I don’t know if I’m just making excuses or it is REALLY because of the hot weather, my PMS, the noise outside, and the feeling that I was really tired from all the partying that makes me feel like not studying.

I have the overwhelming desire to be a CPA but I honestly lack the motivation to start studying. I feel like I need to start studying but I also feel like I have to make the most out of my vacation… IDK if it is too early or too late for me. Either way, whatever happens tomorrow, I just want to tell myself that everything happens for a reason. What??! That’s lamest thing I ever said.

I know that time is my greatest enemy but I don’t know how I still find time to procrastinate. Anyway, I really PLAN to start studying. I also know that a plan without action is just a dream. So, I’m really hoping that I would have the initiative to start studying soon. I’ll have plenty of time to procrastinate after everything —- when I’m already a CPA.

Here’s to hoping that I would study soon and to uhm…

I’ll finish this post after I procrastinate. Bwahaha.

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